Just in time

I had this top “pimped” (If you know what I mean). Okay, I had it customized! 
It was just a denim shirt I bought in “I can’t even remember when”. Haha I found an aztec printed shirt 
from a friend and asked for it. Bought some brown transparent buttons. Went to a seamstress and poof! 
We now have this look.
Okay, so I was actually standing when we shot this look. As you can see, my face does not look happy at all. 
That would be because it was scorching hot that day! I was trying to keep my face composed. Haha
It got too hot! I couldn’t stand it anymore. Well, maybe just a little. Haha. 
In case you’re wondering why I sat down. I was waiting for the photographer to finally get the focus right. 
She doesn’t have 20/20 vision and didn’t wear glasses or contact lens that day so… I guess you get my point. 
Also, we we’re shooting for hours already. Haha
Yes, I’m still waiting.
Hey! Sitting down might just work! It’s hot and we’re tired of standing. So, why not?
aaand. . . pose! Okay the first pic on this post was way better but I still like this one as well!

Photos by: Sophia Sanchez
Pants: Oxygen
Shoes: Penshoppe
Sunglasses: 21MEN
Watch: Tomato Time
I’m the kind of person who couldn’t get his eyes to stay put. I always look around! 
While waiting for the photographer, I had a lot of time to look around and found this. What a coincidence! 
The first letter of my photographer’s name starts with an “S”. Oh! You can also check out her style blog on 
the link above.
It was quite a tiring day! I did not expect being in front of the camera was exhausting. 
I always worked behind it. I think everything went well though and even if the sun seemed mad at us. Haha 
We really had fun! That is one thing I always look for in an activity… fun!
Back to this look. I just wanted to use my customized top. So, I had the whole look revolve around it. 
I decided to pair it with light brown chinos which is consistent with the color of the buttons. 
The blue canvass shoes with brown soles was perfect for the color palette of this look. 
The brow lines and the watch stuck with the hues of the aztec print. The whole look does have this summer 
vibe to it. Just in time!