Sponsored Sunday: Penumbra

Forgive me for looking a bit awkward in these poses. These photos were actually my first ever photoshoot intended for my blog. Literally the first, like they were shot way before the pics on my first post, From 8 to 5. So, I was prepared for it but I kinda’ rattled on how to pose in front of the camera. Haha
Okay, I’m a tad comfortable in this photo because I had my head down. I was still a bit shy. Haha

Photos by. Jehanne Dy
Stylist: Nico de la Rosa
Assistant Stylist: Imanuel Vance Diores
Sponsor: Penumbra
And this is the reason why I like my head down! Look at that! Haha I think my face is all to tensed up. Anyway, I’m really thankful for Penumbra. I approached them in the hopes of featuring their sunglasses here on my blog. Maybe I could borrow or own a pair or two. Well, I got more than what I asked for! They brought their whole team for a photoshoot! I really hope I did them justice. 
Let me explain a little about my pitch which is “Sponsored Sundays”. I think the title itself is self explanatory. Every Sunday, I’ll be posting a look featuring a sponsor. That’s basically it! Easy! I do hope can get more sponsors ‘coz there are a lot of Sundays! Haha
For my first “Sponsored Sunday”, I’m featuring Penumbra. It’s a local brand here in Cebu selling awesome sunglasses/spectacles. I like that, spectacles… anyway, they don’t just sell ordinary sunglasses/spectacles. I think you can tell by the pair I’m wearing in these photos. They also sell these at very affordable prices. Check them out on their facebook page! I’ll still be featuring them next Sunday and the Sunday after that. I’ll keep you guys posted.