The Metro Stores: 7 Christmas Gift Ideas For Guys

It’s Christmas season and people are definitely feeling the gift giving spirit! I never forget that this is the month when everybody tells me that I am a very difficult person to give a gift to. The reason? I’m a guy! I’m very well aware that a lot of people, specially ladies, have no idea what they should give to a guy. So here’s a list that, for sure, a guy would like to receive this Christmas!

7. Plain Shirts
Yes! It is as simple as that! Any plain shirt will do. These are items which guys either neglect to buy or takes guys so long to buy a new one. It can be long sleeves or a basic t-shirt. Just make sure that it is in plain color unless he demands the printed ones. To be safe, you can opt for anything black or white. These are wardrobe staples which can be used multiple times in a vast variety of ocassions.

6. Aviators
Why so specific with the style of eye wear? It’s because you can never go wrong with aviators. It’s a classic and it fits any face shape. Trust me, it will look good on him. It would be best that you invest on a good brand for this so that it will last long. I’m sure your special guy will use this over and over again. Might even use it as his daily driver.

5. Portable Bluetooth Speakers
Sometimes, we also want to show off our playlist and everyone loves music. The good thing about portable bluetooth speakers is that you can bring them anywhere without the hassle of wires! That’s right, guys hate hassle. This is definitely convenient for the music lover guy.

4. Backpacks
In my opinion, a guys must at least have one quality backpack that can be used everyday. Men’s stuff are mostly bulky and our sling bags may not be sufficient and/or they are gym bags. Haha Just get the right backpack for you guy and he will use it when needed. Hey, he might be a mountaineer! You can get him that highly functional trekking backpack he’s been eyeing. 

3. Headset/Earphones
Most guys are gamers or just want to shut off the noisy world around them. Earphone will surely be useful. It would be best to get the ones that produce high quality sound. Yes! The quality of sound varies mostly depending on brand. It makes a lot of difference in the whole experience of gaming and/or watching videos. If you get him those high end headset/earphones, he will automatically throw out the ones he has!

2. Watch
This is what I call a classic gift to a guy. I don’t know why but most guys naturally gravitate toward watches. We all know that our smartphones already have a watch in it. However, it is still better to take a look at the time with just a flick of the wrist. For men, watches are basically equivalent to jewelry to women. 
1. Shoes
This is a no brainer! Most guys, if not all, love shoes. From sneakers to dapper brogues, guys have an affair with shoes. Haha Just make sure that you get the right size and the right style. You will surely make his Christmas a memorable one!

Believe or not, guys may have a lot in common but we have different preferences. The list I made is just a rough guide. Your guy might not be so interested in them. Luckily! You can find all these at Metro with their “Pasko sa Metro Gift Guide!” With this gift guide, I am sure you will get the most of your hard earned money and you also get to make the guys in your life happy!

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