Above The City

Tops in Cebu City is a definite tourist destination if you want to get an unparalleled view of the city! We’ve brought so many of our friends here and we never get sick of the view. It’s just awesome! I always have fun looking at buildings and identifying them from here.

This look is actually way over due! I wanted it to be shot during our vacation in Baguio. There was this scary abandoned building where we were supposed to visit. We weren’t able to wake up on time so we missed that visit. Haha So I set the whole look aside. It was way back in May! Haha Finally got a chance to have this look shot in Tops. I think it suits the place just fine. =)

Photos by: Sophia Sanchez
Pants: TopMan
Shoes: Pedro
Shirt: H&M
The whole look depended on the jacket. Well, I chose the jacket before anything else because I like it a lot! Haha It wasn’t that hard to pair up. I just made sure there wasn’t anything else that clashes with the jacket. Like a printed shirt or flashy pants (which I don’t have). I seriously love the print on the jacket. It’s the highlight of this look. The shirt and pants are in solid colors. However, they are colors which you can find in the jacket. The color of the shoes and it’s sole can also be found on the jacket. These are small details which compliments the jacket without making it look odd. Always look for details, they can save you… sometimes. Haha =)

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