Yes! I still have my fluffy gray hair in these photos. Haha Well, my gray hair wasn’t always fluffy but as it grew it went fluffier and fluffier. It took a lot of maintenance and I had no patience for that. So I decided to get rid of the color. Maybe soon I’ll give a hair color a try again but for now I’m keeping my natural color. Okay back to these photos! This pullover takes a lot of confidence to wear. Match it with the gray hair and I quickly learned how to ignore my surroundings. Haha I can’t deny that this combo will definitely turn heads.

I even remember the time when I bought this pullover at H&M. I was shopping with friends. I had my eyes set on the pullover so it’s the first one I took hold of. While looking for other stuff, I walked right back into the aisle where the pullover was hung and my friends were their talking about the pullover. They were like, “Whoa! The shirt is too much. You could pawn that. Hahaha” Trust me, it’s funnier in Visayan! Haha I even chuckled but I laughed even more when they saw the exact same pullover on my hand. They immediately withdrew what they said by saying that I am probably one of the few who could pull it off. Haha 
Photos by: Sophia Sanchez
Sunglasses: Fly Shade
Watch: Fossil
Pullover: H&M
Cropped Pants: Memo
Shoes: Bershka

This shirt is surely a statement in itself. For someone to pull this off, one must understand how it works. With that said, I started by understanding it’s shape. I know that pullovers have the same shape but this one is different. It falls to my body like those over sized pulllovers in the 90’s. Not the poofy ones. From there, I understood that it had to be worn with fitted pants to make sure I do not look big and, at the same time, complement the shape of the pullover. After that, everything was easy. Since the top was already very loud, I had to pair it with plain colors so as not to have the whole look implode. That’s it! First, understand the shape of what you’re wearing. Second, know the colors and make sure they do not clash! =)

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