Montebello Villa Hotel invited me along with my friends, Ching Sadaya of and Chennie Montero of @chenniemontero on YouTube, for a fun shoot. This was also in partnership with Tour de Cebu 2019. Ofcourse, the first question I had in mind was, “What should I wear?” The 1978 film ‘Grease’ is what immediately popped in my head! Well because… vintage cars!

This look was literally easy to put together since I already had a concept in mind. Also, the pieces needed for this look are literally staple wardrobe basics.

I started off with a plain white shirt that’s somewhat fitting. Not too tight, though. You don’t want to look like you’re about to break out of that shirt. I paired it with a pair of black jeans. They are a little washed out to put a subtle rugged texture to the look. Topped it all off with this vintage black leather jacket. All thank to my grandpa for that! You can also opt to wear a black denim jacket for this.

In true grease fashion, I wore white socks and black leather shoes. Cuffed my jeans to show off those white socks and we have the complete look!

I made some really small changes to somewhat update the look. I switched the black leather belt for a black military belt. Also chose to wear over sized wayfarers instead of aviators. Last was the cuffing. I went for a pin roll to create a more modern silhouette for the jeans.

That’s it! It was relatively easy coming up with this look. The only thing that was hard for me was the humidity. Haha Wearing a leather jacket outdoors on a gloomy day may look good but it’s seriously a bad idea in my case.

Shout out to Ryan Seismundo for these photos. You, my friend, are an incredible photographer!