Open Field

This is one of my favorite spots in Cebu. I know it’s not much. It’s just a random area in SRP but I like the feeling being there. It reminds me of home. Fields that stretch for miles beside the road instead of buildings cramped beside one another. Just looking as far as you can without obstructions. That is why I like it there. Hey! If you look the other way, you get to see the Mactan channel too. =)

My life is getting busier day by day and I couldn’t be more thankful for all the blessings that come my way. However, we all need that small window between our schedules to let our minds breathe. Always take a breather no matter how quick it is. It will rejuvenate you mind allowing those creative juices to flow! 
Photos by: Sophia Sanchez
Boots: 21 MEN
Watch: Guess
Shirt: 21 MEN
Tattered Pants: Bershka
Bag: Coach
Every now and then, Sophia and I always make sure that we have those little breaks to chill in between our hectic schedules. We also make sure that we have fun in what we are doing. That way, we would not feel like we’re working because we had fun. This also results to authentic and genuine output. 
I know have been on and off in blogging but I definitely have a lot in store for you guys. Don’t you worry, I now have a schedule to fit squeeze in blogging. Haha

Now, about the outfit! I rarely wear sleeveless shirts. Well, unless I’m at the beach then I’d probably be wearing tank tops most of the time. In the city, that’s a different story. I just don’t find it appropriate. The cut of this sleeveless shirt somewhat makes it okay for me to wear in the city. I paired it with ash colored tattered pants and black chelsea boots!