From 8 to 5

 Trying to pull off that candid blogger thing! haha

For this look, I opted for something that I could wear to work and school as well because I was literally 
going to work and school that day. I went for the classic white shirt but paired it with copper pants. 
Nope, not khaki pants but copper. It gives that little kick!

That backpack is just perfect for me. It’s literally as thin as your books but with space just enough for what 
I need. I’m the kind of guy who doesn’t want to bring something bulky (if possible, i wouldn’t bring a bag 
at all’) but I had to.
 The colors of those shoes just remind of school uniforms in movies. 
Wow! It seems like I really stuck to a theme here. Haha.

Photos by: Sophia Sanchez
Pants and Bag: Penshoppe
Shoes: Milanos
So this marks my first ever blog post since birth! Haha I actually had planned launching my self titled style 
blog 6 months ago. Everything was ready but a lot of delays happened. Nonetheless, I’m glad to have this 
thing up and running today!
I’ll be posting articles and possibly things that I’m heavily interested in. We’ll see. Thanks for visiting my blog!