Not Too Cold

It’s that time of the year again when it’s almost always raining. Well, the rainy season actually starts in June 
but my last summer escapade was in July so I decided that it’s still summer in July! Haha That’s just for me 
though. Again, I still have a lot of pending posts dating back from “I don’t remember when”. Haha
These photos were even shot last year! These photos are almost a year old. Wow! Just realized that! Haha
 Anyway, I just thought that this look is just right for this season. Specially for a guy like me!
I’m not the kind of guy who easily gets cold.When my peers are shivering, that would be the perfect 
temperature for me. So yeah, imagine how I feel when it’s just the typical tropical sunny weather?! It’s 
agonizing but I kinda’ got used to it. My friends still aren’t used to it though. They still mention how I am 
always sweating. Haha
Photos by: Sophia Sanchez
Hoodie: 21MEN
Pants: Oxygen
Sneakers: Converse
Watch: Sony

This look is somewhat perfect for the rainy season. Well, at least for me. The hoodie is made out of cotton
 which is very comfortable. It has just the right thickness to keep me warm and I can just pull up the sleeves
 if it’s getting too warm. The hood, I guess you guys know what it’s used for! Haha I really hate bringing
umbrellas. I don’t know but I don’t like it. There are times, though, when you really have to bring one but as
 much as possible… I don’t! Haha

I stuck with the color blue but on a lighter tone. The white jeans just keeps it afloat on the lighter side of the
 spectrum. I didn’t want it to look gloomy. So there you go! A look which you can wear comfortably without
looking like you have a runny nose and a fever coming. Haha

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