Tapered Plum

I know… I’ve been a very bad blogger. Haha Hey! Sometimes, it’s good to be bad. Anyway, I’ve got a lot of
pending posts for my styling section and this is just the second one out of many. This on is still for Cebu Daily
 News featuring pieces from Topman.

Model: Jem Cubil
Clothes: Topman
Grooming: Chady Pantaleon
Photos: Dr. Francis Xavier Solis
Again, I really had fun having to style this under Blaq Mafia and with the team from Cebu Daily News. It was
chill and the people were just very nice to work with. The place was awesome. It was just nice!
What made me happy at first was when Edward Castro and Axel Que, Blaq Mafia senior stylists, entrusted me
 to style for this feature alone! Imagine that! They trust that I can pull off the job! That means a lot to me.
What made me even happier was when the shoot was done I was also able to relax and unwind at Crimson
Resort and Spa. I even got a chance to watch a movie by the beach. They had this projector put up by the
beach. To top it all off, the management invited us to dinner at their scrumptious buffet. Yep! I went home like
 the happy kid who got his birthday gift! haha
Now, about the look. Everything was pegged for the summer. Now this might not look summery at first glance
 but it actually is. Haha Imagine you’ve just arrived at the resort from a long trip from the city. Maybe you’re
just going to a meeting or brunch at a nearby resort, this is the look you would wanna wear.

The button down shirt is just perfect because it’s lightweight and it’s actually breezy. Doesn’t look like it? Well it
is. Haha The colors revolved around the color plum and we paired it with trainers to give the look a twist. The
trainers are also perfect to keep your feet comfortable from all the walking you’ll be doing from the trip! Haha

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