Floral Getaway

We’ve now reached the last, but definitely not the least, look for the Topman feature in Cebu Daily News
titled “Tropical Man”. This is clearly for the tropics and/or the beach. It’s you’re not so typical look when
you’re planning to take a dip on the beach or the pool. You’ll just take off your top and you’re good to go..
 or swim for that matter. Haha 
Model: Jem Cubil
Clothes: Topman
Grooming: Chady Pantaleon
Photos: Dr. Francis Xavier Solis
The button down shirt from Topman just screams “tropical”, well not literally. Haha The neon drawstring shorts
are perfect for swimming. It actually dries up very quickly. You can even take it for a dip then relax and let it
dry up and go home with the same shorts. But don’t do that! haha It doesn’t hurt if you’ll just change, right?
It was really easy doing mix and match with the items from Topman. You could never go wrong with their
items. I’m also really thankful for Blaq Mafia, Edward Castro and Axel Que, for trustingme on this one. It was
also a huge pleasure working with the nicest people in the local scene from Jem Cubil, Dr. Xavier (Yes! He’s a
 doctor and photographer), Chady Pantaleon to the Cebu Daily News team. We’re also very thankful for
Crimson Resort and Spa!
Click here to read the article “Tropical Man” from Cebu Daily News.
Oh! and here’s a photo of the actual newspaper article. I got it from Jem. Haha Thanks!