Scorching Summer

It is scorching hot here in the Philippines! Like, you can actually cook eggs on the concrete road. 
I’m not kidding, I tried it. Haha 
I just did it out of curiosity and incase you’re wondering… I did not eat it! lol
It’s impossible not to know that summer is here because of the heat.
 A lot of people are looking for ways t to cool off. Some go to the beach, to the mall, 
or just stay at home and not care how the electricity bill will increase drastically 
because of the intensive use of the air conditioners. Haha
In my case, I went to the beach! A friend of mine and her family invited me to go along with them. It was 
really nice of them. I didn’t have anything planned anyway so it was in perfect timing. I love the beach or 
even just a pool. Swimming is one thing I really love to do. It excites me and calms me down when I get 
stressed or depressed. Whoa! I guess I should write an article about that. Maybe I can convince you guys to
 swim as well! Haha

Photos by: Sophia Sanchez
Shirt: 21MEN
Aviators: 21MEN
Pants: Folded and Hung
Watch: Seiko
Shoes: Milanos

These pictures were taken last year but I saved this look for summer! I wore this last week on the way to a
beach resort. It was really fun and I think I had too much because my skin hurts a lot from sunburn. I got all
 red and now I’m dark. I like it anyway. By the way, I decided not to blog last week because it was Holy
Week. It’s sort of my little way of respecting the Lenten season.

I chose earth colors for this outfit like blues and browns. Blue which is reminiscent of water and brown… I
think you get the point. Haha I also wore a waterproof watch since I’ll be swimming a lot! I think every
watch should be waterproof or water resistant to say the least.

I think this look speaks by itself. It gives that summer travel escapade kind of feel.