Crazy Lazy

Now, this is not one of those days where you have nothing planned for the day then decided to go out…
 suddenly. Haha I actually have errands to do that day but I got all too lazy so I just decided to put on 
whatever. Okay, I couldn’t stand just putting on whatever my hand takes hold of in my closet. You have to 
look presentable, because you never know who you’d meet along the way.
It did take quite some time to get ready to go out because, like I said, I got lazy. Do you ever get those days
 where you’re just moving so slow, like you don’t want to move? or you’re just procrastinating because you
 just want to chill? Well this is on of those days! haha
I still did manage to get things done. Maybe just a little later than originally planned.
I’ve been using these top-siders for over a year now. They may not be squeaky clean but they are extremely
 comfortable. The condition of these top-siders is an evidence that I use them all the time. Alright, maybe not
 always but most of the time. 
When you have a lot of things to do, you really should not forget your watch!

Photos by: Sophia Sanchez
Pants: Oxygen
Aviators: 21MEN
Topsiders: Sebago
Watch: Seiko

It’s been quite some time since I last made a blog post. I’ve been really busy but no worries. I have a lot of
pending posts and a styling section on the way!

I started off with the top-siders and worked around it. The reason why I decided to let the look revolve
around the shoes is because I was about to be doing a lot of walking that day. So, I had to wear really
comfortable shoes. Chucks and trainers would also do but hey! My eyes were already set for the top-siders.

I just played around with the colors on the warmer side of the spectrum and paired it with a hue of white.
 The pants just makes the color pop which is awesome because it makes the look quite solid and laid back
 at the same time.

There is nothing much that I can really say about this look but always remember that it doesn’t have to take
 so much effort to look presentable. You just have to make the right choices and always make sure that it fits
 the occasion… or just simply where you are going.