Sponsored Sunday: Penumbra

Yes! If you’re looking for round spectacles, you’ll definitely find one at Penumbra. I really like this one because they’re very light.
As what I have mentioned in the previous “Sponsored Sunday : Penumbra” post, my face get too tensed up. So, there you go! My head got cut off! well, not literally. haha 

Photos by: Jehanne Dy
Stylist: Nico de la Rosa
Assistant Stylist: Imanuel Vance Diores
Sponsor: Penumbra
I’m still very thankful for the whole Penumbra team! They literally took care of everything for the shoot. Even if I was still very hesitant to pose in front of the camera which is very ironic. lol. They still made it very fun and I think everything went well. Thanks Penumbra!!!
You can check out all their available sunglasses and spectacles through their facebook page.