Patched Up

It’s been raining hard these past few days but that’s not stopping me from blogging about my summer! Hey, the weather still isn’t cold enough for me and I also have an upcoming poolside escapade this weekend. The weather maybe moody but it seems like my schedule is having a summer hangover! Haha

About more than a month ago, my blogger friends and I decided to go on an outing at Maribago Bluewater Beach Resort. It was long overdue and it finally happened! Funny thing is that as soon as we settled down at the resort, we immediately scattered in pairs and took ootd’s. The photo shoots lasted for half the day and we finally met up again for lunch! Haha Yes, that’s how we roll. Photo shoot before anything else. It’s, somewhat, our own way of making a day productive.

Of course, after the photo shoot. We spend quality time together. Swam for hours until our skin were burnt. Okay, we didn’t have sunburn but we were definitely a shade darker. We did what we came there for! We had so much fun and had loads of output for our blog. It was productive and fun at the same time!

Photos by: Sophia Sanchez
Cap: Penshoppe
Sunglasses: SM Accessories
Tank Top: 21 Men
Jeans: Penshoppe
Shoes: Nike
So this is the look I wore on the way to the resort. I leaned towards complementing the tattered jeans with this look. I really love this pair of jeans which is why I decided to make the entire look revolve around it. It’s a statement piece! White and blue was the clear way to go. I created breaks in between to make it more dynamic. The tank top and the shoes are white which makes the jeans a boundary between the two pieces. My sunglasses, snap back, and jeans are in shades of blue which makes the white tank top a boundary between the accessories and the jeans. There are loads of ways in making your look dynamic and fun!

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