Room For Dessert

I guess we all know where this fluffy thing is from? Heaven! Just kidding! It’s from ‘Room For Dessert‘ which is probably the closest thing to heaven your sweet tooth will ever encounter. I’ve always thought that Cebu is needs more cafes dedicated to desserts. Fortunately, I wasn’t the only one who thought of that!
Of course, this place is an amazing place to chill as well. The interiors are seriously instagram worthy. The location itself is awesome because it is located at SM Seaside City‘s Skypark! You get to enjoy the sight of the park, the clouds, or even get to witness the picturesque sunset. All while munching into sweet and delectable desserts! =)

They also have sandwiches for you to dig in! I’m not a fan of sandwiches, unless I make them myself, but I ate one whole sandwich. It was full of flavor. It would be an insult not to finish the whole piece! Haha

Heads totally turned when one of these guys were served. Trust me, your girlfriend will definitely love this! This is one of their soft served ice cream. It’s served with toppings and fairy floss. It’s super affordable too.

I’m a sucker for lemons! When I checked out their cake selections, my eyes were already locked for the Lemon Curd Cheesecake. I had to try it and  I wasn’t disappointed! Most cheesecakes are all creamy. They almost taste the same. This one taste creamy too but every bite was a surprise because I can still taste that citrus kick! Ugh, now I’m craving for a slice! Haha 

Rainbow cake! I wasn’t able to try this one but rest assured it tastes just a delicious as it looks. Back then, I can only see a rainbow cake on 9gag, Now I just saw a real one! Haha Kids and ladies will surely love this one. Remember when I said the the interiors are instagram worthy? Well, the food is instagram worthy too! Haha

Now I’m seriously drooling! This is their Cookie Dough Cheesecake. Then again, I was never a fan of anything cookie dough because why can you not just make it into cookies?! Haha Now, I understand why! This is heavenly. No! Seriously! This cheesecake will satisfy your sweet sugary cravings! If not? It will leave you wanting for more. They did it once again with this one. A cheesecake with its own distinct taste. You have to try it. It’s worth every penny! =)

‘Room for Dessert’ wasn’t just opened for the sake of having another dessert cafe in Cebu. It was opened to offer you desserts which are carefully thought of and crafted. I can still remember how each dessert I tried tasted differently from each other and not just your usual, “oh, it tastes sweet.” It goes beyond sweet because each dessert is a burst of flavors which you never knew mesh well together. Don’t get intimidated by how fancy the cafe looks, go in and experience Room for Dessert! =)

Room for Dessert is located at the 3rd Level Skypark of SM Seaside City Cebu!

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