Boom Pow

I don’t what came to my head but when I got this whole look in Penshoppe… this is the concept I had in mind! Haha Fun, quirky, colorful, crazy, and what not! I simply just had so much fun from coming up with the look to editing these photos! Haha

I didn’t have loads of comic books back then. When I get hold of some, I would just look at the pages over and over again. Yes! Just look at the pages. Well… Yeah! I’d read it once but the art just intrigues me more! Haha
Check out the pose above. I’m trying to do that basic karate punch! Haha This blog post probably took so much time to make! I’m beginning to get used to using different softwares in order to create these outputs. It’s really fun and it’s actually pretty easy.

What really inspired me to make this post very comic-ish and quirky is because of the color splattered panel on my joggers. That detail really blew my mind with ideas. Thus creating my most colorful blogpost ever! Haha
Photos by: Sophia Sanchez
Shirt: Penshoppe
Button Down: Penshoppe
Joggers: Penshoppe
I know it seems difficult to mix and match colors when there’s more than 2 colors involved. However, you just need to keep pieces connect with each other to create a cohesive but colorful look! What I did was pair the red shirt with red kicks. I also paired the joggers with a button down of the same color palette. Do you see what I did there? haha Just pair up colors!
By the way, Penshoppe is opening the BIGGEST Penshoppe store in the country at SM Seaside City Cebu on the 27th! Follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for more details! =)