When I was a kid, I was so fascinated about ships that I knew “buoyancy”at an early age! Haha I couldn’t imagine how a huge thing could float. Good thing my dad was there to explain how that happens. We would sometimes hop on a ship and stare at the sea for hours.

There was this part of our garden way back home that floods when it rains. In the weirdest sense of it all, I get all excited. That would be because I could finally play with my battery operated toy boat. Or was it a toy ship? haha It wasn’t RC (Remote Controlled) so I had to watch it go in circles. Haha

Ships still fascinate me and toys are still very interesting. I should get one someday. I’d buy that RC toy ship I’ve been eyeing at! =)

Photos by: Sophia Sanchez
Shirt: Regatta
Shorts: Regatta
Enough about toys and more about the look! Haha Nautical is the style I can easily resort to but this time I didn’t want it to be typical. It doesn’t have to be blue and white sometimes it can be in other colors. There’s just this certain silhouette and combination you need to adhere to. This time, I chose black and gray. Odd, isn’t it? haha But it works! Shorts, loafers, stripes, and a windbreaker. Those elements made it nautical. Now I’m ready for another adventure!
By the way, I got the shirt and shorts from Regatta. I had to make sure they come from a store that know nautical style very well since I’m taking a risk with black and gray. Haha They’re also opening a new store at SM Seaside City Cebu on the 27th! Follow them on Facebook and Instagram for more details.