CebuDoc NorthGen: A celebration of holistic healthcare.

Cebu North General Hospital just celebrated their 17th anniversary and they did not come empty handed.

Cebu North General Hospital was founded in 1980 as Kauswagan Community Hospital . It became one of the developing affiliate hospitals of CebuDoc Group since 2002.

“Cebu North General Hospital is a fast growing hospital with 17 years in operation. Right now, we have already reached the level of providing excellent and exceptional services to the people”, said Engr. Russell Mastusa, North General Hospital Administrator.

They have also relaunched the first private hospital-based Chemical Dependents Control and Rehab Center in the Visayas and Mindanao! This may not be familiar to everyone just like me. I never knew that we have a facility like this in Cebu. In fact, this has been in existence at Cebu North General Hospital for quite some time now.

This time, they have revamped the center and equipped it with all the necessary amenities. The center is now a 48-bed facility with amenities such as library, multi-purpose halls, detoxification rooms, and the like. It also has an accommodation such as private, semi-private, and pay ward rooms.

“We decided to reintroduce CDCare to let the people know that NorthGen offers excellent services, facilities and specialized centers”, Engr. Mastusa explained.

Along with the newly renovated facility, NorthGen’s CDCare is staffed with a well-rounded team of psychiatrists, psychologists, and nurses! CDCare is positioned to be a temporary shelter intended to reform drug offenders and members of the society that needs mental aid.

“The main goal of CDCare is to provide treatment to chemical dependents and to address co-morbidities or dual diagnosis within a program that believes in the biopsychosocial and spiritual approach”, said Mr. Manuel Delos Santos, CDCare Program Director.

According to Mr. Delos Santos, they envision the center to be able to accommodate more psychiatric patients since it is NorthGen’s vision is to be the standard bearer of integrated health that considers all aspects of health.

This is where it gets interesting and where NorthGen’s CDCare suddenly came close to my heart. Not that I am chemically dependent but I have been diagnosed psychologically with conditions that I do not want to disclose. There is a stigma and a lot of misunderstandings about metal health. This is where CDCare steps in. There is no shame in seeking help. In fact it needs to be applauded. Your mental health is probably one of most important part of your holistic well being.

NorthGen is ideally situated in a stress-free environment where patients can experience peace and harmony while recuperating – staying away from all the stressors and triggers.

“In here, we provide utmost services to our patient that could help them in recovering faster. We thought that when battling a chronic or life-threatening disease, the focus is often the battle at hand. Little thought has been given to the importance of creating an environment that reduces stress and promotes healing”, Engr. Mastusa added.

CDCare NorthGen is located at Kauswagan Drive, Talamban, Cebu City. For inquiries and more information, please call 343-7777 local 109 or email us at

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