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Top 5 Attractions in Singapore

Singapore has a mind blowing amount of attractions left and right. It can get very confusing. If you are for only visiting for a couple of days you should already have your itinerary set and get ready for a trip filled with activities. We were there for five (5) full days and we weren’t even close to completing the list of places we wanted to visit. So, here are my top five (5) attractions in Singapore which I highly recommend you should prioritize.

To be honest, Universal Studios Singapore was not on my original list of attractions to visit. I was gullible enough to believe Sophia that they have a Central Perk Cafe, from the famous ‘Friends’ sitcom, inside USS. I totally forgot that ‘Friends’ was made by NBC and not Universal Studios. Haha Well that false pretense turned out to be the best decision ever!
I had so much fun at USS. You can’t even imagine how happy I was and how the experience still make me chuckle and smile to to this day. Well I guess you can see it in my photos. Haha
When we got in the theme park, we were immediately greeted with this huge Trolls themed arch. It literally put a smile on my face. We were in perfect timing because they were featuring Trolls and Sophia and I love Trolls. Haha Don’t you worry, there is something for everybody here.
They have Transformers, Madagascar, Shrek, and many more. It’s said to be the smallest Universal Studios theme park in the world but it is jam packed with so much activities, rides, and sights. Hey I did not think it was small at all.
I also got to meet Marilyn Monroe, Elmo, Branch, Princess Poppy, and the cast of Madagascar when we were there. Trust me in this one. I am a very difficult person to please (at least that is what Sophia says) and visiting Universal Studios Singapore is worth every single cent. You can spend the whole day there. Also, you will never run out of OOTD spots there too. Haha
I suggest you visit USS on the your first day. Just because it will set your mood for the whole trip. It’s a happy and joyful experience full of fun and thrills.
This one hits me on an emotional level. Not that I have visited the aquarium before and have memories about it, but simply because of a YouTube video.
There’s this video of a large single aquarium viewing panel in Japan that I keep on watching when I need to calm down. I forgot how I stumbled upon that video but it does the trick. It’s just a steady video with accompanying music. Whenever I stare at that video, I just zone out and it calms me down. It might sound weird but I went through a lot of crazy stuff with the help of that video.
Sophia knew how I felt about that video and so she told me that we should visit S.E.A Aquarium because they have the exact same panel. It turns out their panel was much bigger than that of Japan’s. The moment I finally saw the panel I immediately zoned out in eternal calmness. All my worries, stress, and heavy baggage were lifted. I just wanted to stop and stare. It was breath taking! My photos do not do any justice to the aquarium and that is why you have to see it for yourselves.
S.E.A Aquarium in Sentosa Island is the 3rd largest aquarium in the world according to worldcitiesranking.com. They also have the world’s largest collection of Manta Rays which includes an Oceanic Manta Ray. You can easily spot the Oceanic Manta Ray because that thing is enormous! Our jaws dropped when we saw that one.
I have no idea why S.E.A Aquarium makes my feel a gush of emotions being there but it is definitely a must visit. It is very interesting specially to marine life enthusiasts. You also get to learn a thing or two there.
We can all agree that those super trees in Singapore are very iconic. It is revolutionary in both landscaping and engineering. Gardens by the bay is a very big property. You can walk leisurely around the 101 hectare garden. It can get a bit hot under the scorching sun so we decided to head to the domes.
There are two domes at Gardens by the Bay. These are the Cloud Forest Dome and the Flower Dome. These domes are already a sight to behold from the outside. The architecture is just stunning.
Since it was getting very hot outside we decided to get into the Cloud Forest Dome first. Sophia told me that it was cool inside. Indeed, she was right! It was pretty cool in both temperature and sight! As soon as you enter the dome you will immediately be greeted with the world’s highest indoor water fall. It is truly amazing.
Walking around the dome truly feels like you are on top of a cold mountain in a tropical region. It also feels like walking inside the world’s largest terrarium. The dome is like a perfect marriage of man-made ingenuity and mother nature. That is not an exaggeration. It is jaw dropping. You also get to walk on suspended canopies to get the 360 experience of the dome.
After the Cloud Forest Dome, we then headed to the Flower Dome. I was very excited because the first dome set a very high expectation. I was not disappointed at all. The Flower Dome was simply beautiful. There are no words to explain but the endless variety of plants and flowers was very refreshing. It will also consume a lot of memory space from your camera.
We also enjoyed the different themes they set around the dome. Like just like the Japan themed garden. It felt like I was in Japan with the cherry blossoms in full bloom. No kidding.
You should never miss getting close to the super trees. Those trees are jaw dropping. Don’t forget to bring your OOTD game because everything here is a picture perfect background. The balance between man-made structures and nature at Gardens by the Bay is the literal visual interpretation of what you will experience there. You eventually connect right back to nature.
I actually did not know that there was a carnival in Singapore until I was scanning through the activities available on Klook. I looked into it and it sounds like a lot of fun. I just wanted to ride the Star Flyer which is in the photo above. It will bring you up to a height of 35 meters. When we went there, we got more than what we asked for!
We booked our Prudential Marina Bay Carnival token cards on Klook. Take note, you cannot play or ride any of the 40 plus games and rides without the token card. The token cards we booked from Klook already has SGD 35 worth of credits each. So we have a total of SGD 70 worth of credits to burn! Hurray! You think that’s a steal but there’s more!
The token cards we booked on Klook also include two (2) drink coupons each. Now that is a steal, right? Well, not yet! haha When we got there, we were give four (4) drink coupons each! Yes! not 2, not 3, but 4 drink coupons each. That is a staggering eight (8) drink coupons in total for free. Haha Now that is a steal!
Games here had prizes that are licensed by Marvel and Pixar. There are also games in which guarantees a win. However, if you want to get the big stuffed toys. You are going to need luck to be your best friend. Based on how lucky we were in booking with Klook, luck was on our side. Haha
We played the ring toss game because Sophia really wanted to win that 3 kilogram pink unicorn. I was very skeptical because the game was packed with people and no one was winning. Okay, there were a few who won but it was close to impossible rare. Haha Then I thought, it looks fun and I’m here to have fun so we decided to give it a go.
When we played, I noticed that we can get the rings around the rim of the bottles but they always end up bouncing off of it. So, I thought maybe I can intentionally bounce it off on a random bottle and hopefully it ends up on one of the countless bottles. I did that and lost myself in focus of wanting to win. Haha I was so focused that I did not even notice I won. Good thing Sophia was quick to notice. She was so happy that she could barely say a word! Haha So there you go. We won Trixie. yes, we named her Trixie because it was very tricky to win that game! Haha
There are a couple of rides which are definitely for the thrill seekers like the 55 meter high Mach 5. It spins at a crazy 96 km/hr. They also have the classic Jungle River. The lights, sounds, games, and rides will surely elevate the fun factor of your trip.
Marina Bay Sands Skypark has an observation deck which is open to the public. Yes! You do not need to be a guest of the hotel to get here. However, you do need to buy a ticket. We bought ours via Klook. When we claimed our tickets we were pleasantly surprised that vouchers we bought also includes one (1) day free FunVee Hopper Pass each. I suggest that you claim the tickets early on so that you can make use of the FunVee Hopper Pass.
Marina Bay Sands Skypark was the perfect way to cap our 5 day trip. We  were standing on one of the world’s largest cantilever. It hangs 67 meters long from the Marina Bay Sands third tower. It’s an engineering marvel. I grew up watching how they build Marina Bay Sands on Discovery Channel and I finally got to visit.
I thinks this is the best way to end our trip because we got to see the places we visited. It offers a spectacular view of the city. We saw Gardens by the Bay in all it’s glory and its even more breath taking from there. We saw the whole Marina Bay, Prudential Marina Bay Carnival, Singapore Flyer, and the city as far as your eyes can see. I heard the sunset was amazing there but we didn’t get to catch it. Maybe you can!
The best thing about these attractions is that you can book all of these through Klook! You don’t have to go through the hassle of lining up just to buy your tickets and/or token card. Klook has the best price out there. You also get to enjoy discounts and freebies! So that sums up my Top 5 Attractions in Singapore. Go now and enjoy Singapore! 
You can download that Klook app on both App Store and Play Store.
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