Singapore: Travel Budget Tips

Singapore! It has been dubbed as the most expensive city in the world. However, visiting the lion city doesn’t mean you have to break the bank. For the thrifty Filipino, there’s always a way to enjoy traveling on a budget. So here are my Travel Budget Tips for Singapore.


Ofcourse, you are going to need a flight to get to Singapore right? Like duh?! Haha. We all know the notorious promo fares that our airlines usually have from time to time. I know it feels like you really need to be lucky to be able to book any of these flights but you can actually book one with proper planning. Funny but it might just work! 
Mostly, these promo fares happen on special holidays like Independence day, Labor day, Christmas day and what not. These maybe announced but the good ones are never announced. So take note of the holidays and prepare to stay up late at night. These promo fares start exactly at twelve (12) midnight. Lately, I’ve been booking my promo fare flights at three (3) AM and all of these bookings went through without a glitch. Smooth like butter! Also, try booking the last allowable travel date of the promo then work your way backwards when looking for these hide and seek promo fare flights. I even booked a flight that is as low as Php 272 one way all in.


You are going to need a place to stay. This is very important as it should save you, more than just money, time. Let’s face it, you are just going to need a safe place to sleep in, bathe, and leave your baggage. After all, you are going to be exploring the city for the majority of your trip. 
There are a ton hostels in Singapore. These are the most budget friendly accommodations you will find. I highly suggest you take this option. Make sure that you know which attractions you will be visiting in Singapore. Like literally pin these places on an actual or digital map and see which accommodations are in between these destinations. Why? You are going to want to get there as fast as you can and staying in between your destinations will save you time and money.

Book your accommodation ahead. The prices may not vary but the hostel you are eyeing for will be fully booked as soon as your arrival date. If you lose that booking, you might end up settling for the more pricey option. Singapore is one of the hottest tourist destinations in Asia. Yes, these accommodations are selling like hotcakes. Speaking of hotcakes, you should opt to get an accommodation which already already includes breakfast. That way you can just eat and go start your adventure! There are hostels that accommodations with free breakfast.  Also, research for vouchers or codes that you might be able to use for discounts. 

The transportation system in Singapore is amazing. It is no hassle to understand. It’s easy and convenient. Now, you are left with an option of whether or not you should purchase the Tourist Pass Plus or the regular EZ Link Card. Tourist Pass Plus will grant you unlimited access/use of any MRT, LRT, and Bus for three (3) days at SGD 38. On the other hand, you can get the regular EZ Link Card for SGD 12 with SGD 7 worth of credits and just top up a few dollars. Tourist Pass Plus’ unlimited offer sounds enticing right? Well, I beg to differ in this one.
If you opt to get the Tourist Pass Plus, that means you are going to have to spend as much as SGD 38 worth of MRT, LRT, and/or Bus rides in three (3) days. This is for you to make the most out of your money. SGD 38 for me is a lot. This is where I felt like I made a mistake. Sophia and I spent five (5) full days in Singapore. We bought the Tourist Pass Plus and just topped up after the 3 days unlimited access expired. For the two extra days, we only used less than SGD 10. That is already for 2 days with more frequency in rides.
Here’s the math. The average fare is right around $1.40. This means your SGD 38 can get you 27 rides in total. I highly doubt you can get that turn out in 3 days. That’s 9 rides per day to make your Tourist Pass Plus worth it. On average you will ride the MRT, LRT, or Bus around  4 to 5 times per day. So, I strongly recommend for you to get the Regular EZ Link Card instead.

Tip number 4: Book your tickets with Klook

Entrance fees can get expensive. Ticket lines can get very long. You don’t want to get to all that hassle. It’s a waste of money and time too. Yes! Klook is the most budget friendly and most convenient way to get your tickets and vouchers for Singapore’s amazing attractions. 
Vouchers and tickets on Klook have the best prices out there and are always cheaper than buying them on site. You also get to earn points which you can use for your next booking.

Sophia and I went to Gardens by the bay, Prudential Carnival, Universal Studios Singapore, Marina Bay Sands Skypark, and S.E.A Aquarium. We were even surprised when we got to Prudential Carnival and when we claimed our tickets for Marina Bay Sands Skypark because we got more than what we paid for. You’ll know what I’m talking about when you click this link.
We booked all our tickets and vouchers on Klook. Make sure to print out your vouchers or keep a digital copy of your vouchers. I printed out our vouchers and it was hassle free getting into these attractions. You just present it at the the entrance and get in. That’s just it. Sophia knows that I hate falling in line and this really made my experience in Singapore so much better. We definitely saved a lot of time and money. You can’t even imagine the savings!
You can download the Klook App on both App Store and Play Store. Make sure to like their Facebook page and Follow them Instagram. These accounts will keep you updated on the latest promos, discounts, and offers. Just knew that they will be at Travel Sale Fair in SM City Cebu from April 20-22, 2018. They will be at booth 29 in Cebu Trade Hall.
Tip number 5: Eat like a local

Singapore’s food scene is heaven for your taste buds and that is an understatement. The city is just sprawling with food options. You can always go for the usual restaurants but you will surely pay a hefty amount just for a meal. Hey! There also restaurants which are quite affordable too.
The best way to go is to head for Hawker Centers. These centers are everywhere and they are cheap. There are also food parks which offer the same price range. What’s amazing about it is that you get a wide array of food. From Chinese, to Indian, to Mexican, to Filipino, and a lot more. You will never go wrong.
I have to be honest, I was a bit scared going there because I did not have a big budget. However, I ended up with so much to spare at the end of the trip. Singapore will never fail to surprise you. There are activities and attractions left and right. Some are even free! With proper research and timing, you can definitely go to Singapore on a budget. Just be wise in spending both time and money.
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