JBL Summer Lounge

Music! Who doesn’t love music? However, I always prefer everything to be in High Definition. I am not talking about screens but I am talking about sound. This is deeply rooted to my dad. I have always been exposed and taught by my dad about the importance of high quality sound. To tell you the truth, JBL was always at high recommendation when it comes to speakers, headphones, and what not. I’ve known the brand for as long as I can remember and I just recently knew that they’ve been around for more than 70 years! Talk about expertise!
The award winning audio brand hosted the JBL Summer Lounge at Azure Beach Club, Crimson Resort last May 1, 2018. It was labor day and I had nothing planned! It was perfect for me since I just wanted to chill, enjoy music, and talk with friends.

It was impossible to miss the JBL Summer Lounge as it was a kaleidoscope of colors already seen from afar! You can also hear the beat. One that is not noisy but loud enough to enjoy. The place was bombarded with festive colors. It was music to my eyes. Haha We also got to play with jenga and other board games. It was all very Instagrammable. The vermillion ottomans, colorful bin bags, blue inflatable loungers, and orange life rings just made the area all the more laid back. We were literally sipping endless refreshing drinks and munching on great food. It was just what I wanted to do on labor day. Haha
We also got to try out and experience an array of JBL products which are very timely for the summer! The portable waterproof bluetooth speaker JBL Pulse 3 stood out because of its glowing LED’s which changed colors by simply shaking it. It can also synchronize to the music playing! Cool right?!
However, one of the speakers that caught my eyes and my imagination (yes! imagination! haha) was the JBL XTREME! It’s the one in the photo above. It’s splash proof, it looks cool, and you can charge your gadgets with it. What stood out for me was the sling. This is where the “imagination” comes to play. Haha I love biking around specially on an island. I imagined biking around the island of Bantayan with the JBL XTREME slung around me playing my favorite summer beat. I would then stop at this breathtaking beach and take a dip without getting worried of the JBL XTREME getting wet from my dripping wet swim shorts! Ugh, that would be a dream! haha Maybe not.
This is definitely the star of the party! The JBL BOOMBOX! Now this will probably replace every speaker at home. I am not kidding at all. This thing is a beast as it plays monstrous sounds. It is, by far, the most powerful speaker in the JBL arsenal. A single battery charge of the its battery will last for as long as 24 hours. That means you can bring this to the beach or a pool party and enjoy your favorite beats all day long!
The JBL Summer Lounge was an amazing venue for us to try out their products and their waterproof feature in the pool. Did I mention that DJ Jude Flores also played cool tracks of House Music? He did and its was a delight to cap the party. I have to admit, Azure Beach Club at Crimson Resort is very far from where I live but it was all worth it! Good food, great music, amazing ambiance, and incredible JBL speakers. What more could I ask for? Haha
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