If it’s not obvious enough, I like Pandas! Haha I haven’t seen one in person and I really hope one day I would get to see one, if not, cuddle with one! As for now, I’ll settle with cute Panda videos on YouTube. This look started with one little Panda patch which I found at a mall nearby. The moment I saw it, my imagination went wild which bore a couple of DIY’s and this is one of those.

There tons of DIY which you can do with patches but I kept this on simple in a way. I know this will still turn head considering how grey/gray my hair color is at this time. Hey, black and white is still simple right? haha

I started off with the shoes which took quite some time. I learned a lot making this which also influenced my next DIY. I simply bought a lot of the Panda patches and a pair of black slip on shoes. I used fabric glue on this which. Sounds easy? Well, it is not because you have to hold it down until the glue dries up. Otherwise it will peel off. In this case, I used clips to hold it in place. Left it over night and, Voila! I’ve got a pair of patch studded Panda shoes! =)
Photos by: Sophia Sanchez
Sunglasses: Aldo
Watch: Fossil
Shirt: DIY
Cropped Pants: Bershka
Shoes: DIY
I still had one Panda patch left after the shoe project was done. I decided to use it for the shirt. It was a no brainer. I just stuck it on with fabric blue on the upper right side of an old white shirt. I just stayed with the black and white scheme for the whole look. I wore black cropped pants to showcase the shoes. Topped the look with black round specs and the look was complete! This is by far one of my favorite looks. =) By the way, if you decide to use parches, it is still best to sew it on. It will definitely last as long as your item.