Road to Flawless

I have been stressing a lot lately because there’s so much to be done and even so, I am still stuck after all that. Hahaha (Cries deep inside) All that and more really shows up on my skin! Literally, it’s not much of a break out but its the worse I’ve had in years. Good thing, Flawless has a lot to offer to remedy my skin problems. I visited them about less than a month ago regarding my current skin situation.  I will be visiting them regularly and give you guys updates on the progress through my RTF series here on my blog. =)

Here’s what we are starting with! Gross, right? haha anyway, it is not that obvious but there are a ton of black heads, white heads. and all other heads. Haha There’s also a pimple or two that pops up from time to time. What I had was Flawless’ Rejuvelite Mask Facial. Really wanted to show you guys how the mask looks but maybe next time. What it does is kill the bacteria that causes all the breakouts on your skin. So that’s the first step for me. 
The photo above was taken a day after the Rejuvelite Mask Facial. My face seriously felt a lot cleaner after. They took out all the dirt and all the black heads and white heads right out of my face. It was intense but totally worth it! There are spots but it has to be done to get the dirt and bacteria out of my face! No pain no gain! Haha
No worries about the spots because I got the skin whitening soap and nano whitening to lighten up those spots. I got these from! =) You also get a free gift for a minimum purchase of Php 1000 only. It is really important that you get products that will coincide with your current treatment regime which is why I opted for products from Flawless just to make sure. I will be having the Flawless Nano Power Peel next. Stay tuned on my blog for my next RTF post. =)