I am Mickey

I know this post is long overdue… like all the way to the other side of the earth! haha I’ve been 
juggling school, work, and everything in between which means I barely get enough sleep which also 
means I barely have enough time to blog. There’s good news, though! The shop I’m managing finally
 has wifi! Yeah! So now, I can work, study, and blog at the same time! =)

I still have loads of blog posts to publish like this one! I think this was taken exactly a year ago. Yep!
 This was taken prior my blog even existed.
So the main star of this look is, ofcourse, the “Mickey Mouse” balloon. I’ve always wanted to buy this
 balloon for a long time because I always see this at church and thought, “Hey, that’s a really cool
 balloon!” haha Or I just really like mickey because I grew up watching Disney! Either way, I still
 think that balloon is cool! Wait ’till you see my coin bank! haha
Photos by: Sophia Sanchez
Pants: Memo
Shoes: Milanos
This may sound funny but this look really is inspired by the balloon and is meant to be paired up with
 the balloon! haha For the record, I didn’t walk around with the balloon tied to my hand.
This look is a no brainer! Haha You only have to play around the colors of the balloon. I just decided
 to wear shorts to get that childlike vibe. Those aren’t, originally, shorts by the way. I have to cut 
them myself because the lower part of the pants were discolored and I needed black shorts. Haha
So, there you go! A Mickey-Mouse-Balloon inspired look! =)
Oh! You can also look at a female version of this look at Head Over Heels!