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Vanille Salée

I have always been a fan of anything vanilla. Yes, I’m probably one of the few guys who would trade chocolates over vanilla ice cream but I’d prefer to have both! Haha It turns out, vanilla also goes very well with food. I was surprised and left wanting for more. Mövenpick Hotel Mactan Island Cebu’s “Vanille Salée” will definitely ignite your taste buds to delicious vanilla creations by the talented Director of Food & Beverage Europe, Thomas Hollenstein.

The photo above is the “Veal Tenderloin Jardiniére” which was instantly my favorite! =)
‘Vanille Salée’ is comprised of six six one of a kind vanilla enhanced dishes which is now available at Mövenpick Hotel Mactan Island Cebu. Vanilla’s mild flavour harmonises to surprising perfection with white meats and fish. Subtly reinforcing roasting aromas and herbal scents, vanilla also transforms tomatoes, beetroot and even onions with an unexpected touch of the exotic.
This exceptional taste experience has been encapsulated in six savoury vanilla creations, championing the queen of spices at Mövenpick hotels worldwide. The tempting entrées include “White onion velouté” (soup),  “Sashimi of tuna and salmon” and “Goat cheese and figs salad”, while the main course menu features “Pike fish fillet”, “Veal tenderloin and Garden Vegetables” and “Guinea Fowl Breast Melba”.
These six vanilla infused creations are easily on top of my list on food that would never get tired of. Sadly, these will only be offered until the 21st of March 2017. No worries, you can definitely indulge on these delectable dishes before then! =)