Something Sporty

Comfort is always one of my top priorities when choosing what to wear. Okay, sometimes I have to sacrifice that for certain events. However, when I’m running errands and doing loads of activities around the city, I have to wear something comfy. Hey, you can always do both! Stay comfy and stylish as well!

Take note, there are a ton of styles that you can experiment on. With every occasion, there is always a corresponding style that is appropriate for the event. Be it a formal event, launching, or just going to grab some groceries. There’s a look you can go for. It’s like Newton’s third law! For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. =)
Photos by: Sophia Sanchez
Pull over: Dare to Dream
Shorts: Dare to Dream
 With this look, I went for the sporty style. I was out for errands as well as taking photos of Sophia for her blog. Oh! We also went to chill in the mountains. Haha Yes, we did a lot. I knew this look was the way to go for that day’s activities. I got the pull over from “Dare to Dream” which is part of their  Wearable Art Collection. It has paintings printed on it. It’s pretty cool! I paired it with these breathable cotton shorts, also from Dare to Dream. They were made in cotton but they were in high quality. It felt quite thick but light and comfy at the same time. The same quality is apparent on the pull over too! That is what I like about Dare to Dream. You really get what you paid for! Also wore tights just to put some edge on the look and topped it off with white janoskis, black cap, and sunglasses! Overall, the outfit was style appropriate and functional too! =)