Neon Summer

I know, I know summer has concluded but whatever… I’m posting this backlog. Hey! When the sun is up and you’re on the beach then it’s still summer! haha Anyway, we took these photos in Sumilon island. It was a beautiful island but not as amazing as I expected. It was still pretty awesome, though. 

I seriously had too much fun during the summer that I looked like a burnt fried fish. Haha Not as smelly but just an exaggeration. Haha I like having darker skin. I don’t get why some people chuckled when they saw me with darker skin. Maybe they’re just too shallow to process that there are a lot of skin colors in the world. Okay, my evil horns are about to come out. I’ll stop that topic there. Haha

I love this day. It was sunny and everyone was happy. I didn’t care about the heat because you can just take a dip and voila! Problem solved! haha I had so much fun anyway, swimming, taking underwater picture, hanging with friends, and we also went whale shark watching!

 Photos by: Sophia Sanchez
Tank Top: 21Men
Swim Shorts: Penshoppe
Cap: Terranova
Sunglasses: 21Men
I mentioned that I had darker skin and what better way to emphasize that than wearing neon!!! Haha I actually waited to have the skin color ideal for neon colored clothes. Finally, the time came and I was so glad! Haha I didn’t go all the way neon because I would look like went through a glow stick factory! Haha I just chose neon green which I really like. The pieces I wore had neon green parts. I thought it wouldn’t work but it did! Ha! I think all the colors, from my skin to my clothes and accessories, popped! Haha