Up Top

This look was shot around March. I was in Manila to keep my girlfriend in company because she was going to have her “oath taking” as an architect! She’s a full-fledged architect now! I can’t be any prouder. Archt. Sophia Grace G. Sanchez, her name’s even longer now but it does have that nice ring to it! =)

We were there for the “oath taking” but our minds were set to meet our friends. Haha We stayed there for a few days and we even managed to go to Mt. Pinatubo! I’ll blog about that one soon. Anyway, Sophia’s brother and his fiancĂ© offered us to crash at their place for the duration of the visit. We saved a lot of money and the place was just amazing. No hotel in Manila could top it off.

As usual, we came prepared with our clothes! Since the unit was already amazing, we decided to have a few shots taken indoors.
Photos by: Sophia Sanchez
Shirt: Topman
Pants: Memo
Wrist Watch: Casio
Sunglasses: 21Men
This shirt, I  really love the fit of this shirt. It’s one of those clothes that you feel like it was made just for you. Haha Since the shirt is already tartan, I chose to pair it with plain black pants and green shoes just to match one of the colors on the shirt. I can’t explain why but the gold framed flash lens sunglasses just works like a cherry on top! Like a ribbon to wrap up this look. =)