It’s rainy season in the Philippines again! I love rain but I have to admit that I am quite disappointed, as usual. It’s not as cold as I want the temperature to be. It still feels like summer. Haha Still, I’d prefer the heat than another typhoon coming our way!

I’m not so sure where this is in Busay, Cebu. My girlfriend and I went for a road trip for a series of photo shoots! Haha We literally stopped anywhere we thought was suitable for a shoot. This was actually our first stop.
It was drizzling that day which probably explains my indescribable facial expressions. haha The drizzle just keeps getting into my eyes. Oh, it was windy too. So yeah!

Photos by: Sophia Sanchez
Button Down: Cotton On
Walk Shorts: Topman
Wrist Watch: Casio
Shoes: Zara
This whole look started with the shoes. I saw this pair and I seriously liked it to the point where I ended up wearing them almost all of the time! I think I still have a another look using these shoes. Anyway, I only wore the button down shirt because it works perfectly with the shoes. The tones match! I did not intend for them to match but it did! The walk shorts give that ruggedness to the whole ensemble but I did not want to go all the way rugged. I just still want this look to be refined.