Summer Chill

My introduction to summer was just how I wanted it to be. It was very chill and relaxing. My friend and I didn’t expect it to be spontaneous but hey it ended up to be one! Haha We had a little adventure and we got what we wanted. We had fun and peace of mind! =)

We were supposed to camp out on a famous camping site in Bantayan Island. When we arrived there, it turns out the site was closed due to reasons we are uncertain of. Anyway, we decided to look for other areas but we didn’t like the beach fronts of the two resorts we checked. So, we decided to have lunch before looking for other resorts.

After lunch, we decided to walk with our huge backpacks! Nope, we’re still not backpackers! Haha It was all good because we’re positive beings. Good thing my friend, Dianne, had an awesome idea of walking along the shoreline until we get to a beach front that we like! As you can see in the photos, we found the perfect spot. We laid our tents at Yooneek! It’s a lovely place and the vicinity was still peaceful since we came to the island a week before peak season starts!

Photos by: Dianne Acebedo
Swim Shorts: Penshoppe
Sunglasses: SM Accessories
I don’t know about you guys but I really find it convenient to wear a button up on the beach. I can take it off when I decide to swim and wear it again, unbuttoned, when I’m just chilling. Ofcourse, you still have to check if your button up is made of the right material. Something that would probably dry up fast. If you have one that’s hydrophobic, that would be great! Haha 
The Turquoise swim shorts paired perfectly with my polka dotted button up. Yes, that button up has tiny multi colored dots on it! Haha I think it paired up just because of the blue draw string of my swim shorts. Okay, it could also be because they’re both on the same side of the color wheel! Eitherway, it works like a charm! =)