Seaside Serenity


My girlfriend and I love chilling at SM Seaside. Well, if we really want to chill then we’d drive to the beach or up to the mountains but this one is when we only have little time to spare. For one, the mall is huge! There are also not that many people around. There are also a lot of venues where we can shoot our ootd’s! Haha

We usually go there as soon as the mall opens. Guess why? Yes! There aren’t that many people going to the mall in the morning. Haha Also, by the time people come swarming in, we’re already inside the cinema. Haha As much as I love to party occasionally and meet people, I don’t like crowds most of the time.

I actually recycled this look from our CFB Christmas Dinner. I didn’t get to take a good picture of this look and I like this look. So I wore the whole ensemble again just to get a good set of photos of it. We just used my Huawei P9 for this because I didn’t want to bring the bulky DSLR. Hey, I bet you barely even notice the difference! Haha
Photos by: Sophia Sanchez
Sunglasses: Kinetix
Watch: Seiko
Shirt: H&M
Khakis: Oxygen
Shoes: H&M

The theme of our CFB Dinner was “Serenity and Rose Quartz” which was based on the Pantone colors for 2016. Ofcourse, we chose that so our clothes will be very well coordinated. Haha I really wanted to wear something rose quartz because that would be something unexpected from me of that time. As we all know, it was difficult to find rose quartz colored clothing for men in 2015. Now, its everywhere! Obviously, I went for serenity and it worked well between my girlfriend and I. She wore a terno rose quartz separates. Just paired my button up with khakis to warm up the coldness of the color serenity. The white low down high cuts balanced out the look by counteracting the ‘prim and proper’ feel of the button up and the khakis. =)