Denim Tropics

I’ve been wearing a lot of pullovers lately and I’m guilty that its what most of my backlogs are consisted of. I did analyze why I’m so attracted to this kind of clothing and I’ve drawn some conclusions! Haha Pullovers are long sleeved and I like wearing long sleeves. Yes! It might get warm but you can always roll the sleeves up and it’ll be just like a t-shirt. Pullovers don’t have collars as well. The material is where it differs, though. 

Another conclusion is that it’s easier to where compared to a button up shirts. With pullovers, you can just slip into it! You can also wear it when you go to sleep. It did take quite some time for pullovers to reach the shore of the Philippines. When I saw one on the internet, around 2 years ago, I wanted to get my hands on it as soon as possible. Haha The most convincing reason, though, came from my hometown.
Photos by: Sophia Sanchez
Pull Over: Dare to Dream
Pants: TopMan
Brogues: Paul Smith
Sunglasses: Kenneth Cole
I spent my Christmas with my family in Cagayan de Oro city. It’s where I grew up. I was looking for clothes to wear and stumbled on clothes my mum kept since I was a kid. There was a tiny blue corduroy flight jacket, a small brown leather jacket, and pullovers! Haha I was like.”oh… that’s why!” Haha I was wearing pullovers since I was a kid. That explains a lot. =)
I got this one from “Dare to Dream” and the fit is amazing! You can feel the material used is of good quality as well. Ha! Three things that I like; fit, quality, and pullovers! Haha I paired it with white pants to create contrast and closed it again with dark blue brogues.