Blue Staycation

Life gets too stressful most of the time. Busy schedules, errands, and (let’s face it) difficult people drain our last bit of energy. That’s why Sophia and I decided to take a 3 day break from all of that. We all need to take that breather from time to time. We were very excited that we prepared for it for weeks! Haha

The place of choice was Amisa Residences in Mactan. It was just right for us because it was just more or less an hour drive from home. So travel time was short for we really need every minute to unwind. It was perfect! Our Airbnb host was very accommodating. The place was clean and had everything we needed. The area was very peaceful as well. Just what we wanted! We also had the whole pool area to ourselves. Haha
Photos by: Sophia Sanchez
Tank Top: 21Men
Cropped Pants: Memo
Sunglasses: SM Accessories
Sneakers: Nike
Button up: Calvin Klein
Ofcourse, we had our outfits planned for each day! This is what I wore on our first day there. It reminds me a lot of Marco. He’s one of Cebu’s most credible fashion blogger and a good friend of mine. Even before everyone else was wearing bandanas on their necks, he already had a collection of neck scarves and bandanas. I wanted to wear something that shouts “Vacation”! Haha This is what I came up with. I wore a tank top and blue cropped pants topped it with a blue bandana neck scarf. The three pieces gives that summer pool side vibe. However, I still wanted to look appropriate indoors which is why I wore the unbuttoned shirt and white sneakers. A sunny vacation wouldn’t be complete without sunglasses. So I wore a silver framed aviator with blue flash lens. Just added the bracelets to add a little bit of fun on my wrist! Haha