Roaring In Blue

Last tuesday, my girlfriend and I went to The Outlets at Pueblo Verde. They were kind enough to invite us for a tour. I was uncertain as to what I should wear so I just went for what I could easily grab. Haha

That day was moody! Well not me, ofcourse, but the weather. It was cloudy in the morning but by the time we got to The Outlets… it was extremely sunny! It was like I was put inside an oven. Good thing I wore shorts but the pullover caused me to sweat excessively. Hahah

We had a lot of fun there! You know those moment when time just flies when you’re having fun? This was one of them. The weather cooperated afterwards. It was cloudy again but it didn’t rain and the breeze finally came! One of my worries of that day was the traffic but fortunately we did not get stuck in any traffic gridlock at all. Yehey!

Photos by: Sophia Sanchez
Sun Glasses: Aeropostale
Pull Over: Penshoppe
Shorts: Merona
Blue and white! It felt like I was reaching to my Atenista roots but with a tiger instead of an eagle. Haha When wearing clothes of the same color, you must make sure they have different textures or different tones. This will create a little contrast between the pieces to avoid making it look like you are actually wearing one piece. Unless you want that one piece jumpsuit looking outfit? Then go for it! Haha But yeah, I was not opting for that. So that’s the trick in making a single colored outfit not look awkward. Play with texture and tones.