The Outlets at Pueblo Verde

Earlier this week, I had the chance to visit The Outlets at Pueblo Verde. Well, I was just there to accompany my girlfriend but I ended up shopping for myself! Haha

The Outlets at Pueblo Verde has been around for quite some time now. They are the first outlet store in southern Philippines! I have been to outlet stores in Manila and I couldn’t help but be jealous. Fortunately, an outlet store arrived in Cebu! 

The first time I visited The Outlets at Pueblo Verde was late last year, 2014. It was a haven for menswear! Seriously, it was kinda’ weird because it’s not often that the mens section overshadows the womens. There are always more options for women. They literally have more options for men! Hurray!!!

Ofcourse, they still have a lot in store for the ladies. In fact, they are opting to widen the choices for women. With their new wing under construction, there will definitely be more space to accomodate a variety of brands!

It was just a regular day when we visited but I noticed all the stores were on sale. They are like on sale… but forever. Take note! When they decide to have an official sale, there will be further mark downs! I also heard that Adidas had a buy one take one promo. It was not just an ordinary buy one take one promo. It was applicable on ALL ITEMS! You just have to pay the higher price. Isn’t that awesome! They might do that promotion again, so keep posted! =)
I also met new friends! See, they have a lot in store for you. Even friends! Haha Thank you Rab, Kareen, and Meryl for  touring us around The Outlets at Pueblo Verde. =)

I really had a fun time shopping and chilling at The Outlets. Did I mention that they also have restaurants and food stalls? Well, they do! Haha I couldn’t wait to visit them soon. I still have to save up, though, because once you step into their premises you’ll surely shop ’till you drop. In the best way, ofcourse.
Go ahead and shop at The Outlets at Pueblo Verde! 😁

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