Moon Eyed

Once again, I’m posting a photo from last year haha Well, at least, this one was taken just months ago. I guess, my posts after this will be from last year because I haven’t taken any photos for this year yet. Anyway, the photos this time are particularly dark but it wasn’t intentional. My photos are usually taken during cloudy days or when the sun is just about to set. I don’t know why, or maybe I do, but I really love it when it’s quite dark.

As far as I can remember, the photos turned out dark because we ran out of time. The reason why we ran out of time chasing the sun? My photographer’s got four eyes. Yes! four (4) eyes. Haha A set of specs and a pair of biological eyes, ofcourse. Miss “Head Over Heels” had difficulty focusing. So, we ended up shooting in the dark and depending on that lamp post as lighting. Haha
Aside from the photos that were taken from my Blaq Mafia styling stint. These photos might be my first edited set of photos. Sophia Sanchez, the four-eyed phtographer, felt the need the need to edit the photos. Trust me,  it had to be edited. It was really dark! haha But hey! I like them! Dark, grainy, and noisy. The photos are imperfect. I love it in fact! Sometimes, the best things come unintentionally. So, great job my four-eyed photographer! haha
Photos by: Sophia Sanchez
Shirt. 21Men
Beanie: 21Men
Specs: Penumbra
Jeans: Penshoppe
Shoes: Converse
Watch: Casio
I’ve actually worn this look, minus the specs, numerous times. Hey! I’m just like one of those guys. It’s very comfortable. Okay, sometimes I lose the beanie because it’s my fine line between just right and too warm. It actually makes me sweat.
I’ve heard people say to never wear black on black. Well, to h*ll with them! I’m wearing black on black. Classic suits are black on black! Why not this? haha The thing that caught my attention about the shirt are the cat’s eyes. They’re like swirling galaxy’s. The cat is adorable too. I think this shirt just brought the 9gagger in me. Oh! The beanie says “MEOW” on it too. The specs just simply compliments the cat’s galactic eyes!