Black Hazard

I wore this look when we reached the summit of Mt. Pulag last May. It was cold but I only wore this look for the sake of using these pieces for pictures. As soon as we finished taking pictures, I immediately resorted to my  white shirt and black pants combo. It was weird because everyone seemed to be freezing but I was still slightly sweating. I even folded the sleeves of my shirt.

I did have to make use of the jacket and the shawl pullover because I brought it all the way up to the summit. Trust me, it is very tiring trekking from base to 2,922 meters above sea level! How I wish, I only brought my flashlight and bottled water. Then again, since it’s a very long way up, we might as well make the most out of it.

The view was just spectacular! I still couldn’t get over it! I would love to go back there but maybe I’ll trek other mountains soon if I have the time. My girlfriend would probably not tag along. I think she’s still traumatized from the hours of trekking Mt. Pulag. She was extremely tired that she got sick for almost a week right after the trek. She still think it was worth it, though, but she wouldn’t be climbing any mountain for like… ever! Haha
It is essential to wear comfortable and sturdy clothing when trekking, hiking, or climbing. This one is an exception because, as you guys know, I only wore for the ensemble. Still, always do your homework in order for you to anticipate what are the appropriate outfits you should be wearing in your upcoming activities.

Photos by: Sophia Sanchez
Jacket: ZARA
Shawl Pullover: H&M
Pants: Memo
Sunglasses: 21MEN
Shoes: Nike
This combination is a no brainer. Hues are always easy to pair up. In this case, it’s a play of black and gray. I just made sure the contrast between the two is evident. I made the black pieces revolve around the gray shawl pullover. You can, however, wear an all black or all gray ensemble. Just make sure that there is difference in texture and tone otherwise you’ll end up looking like you’re wearing a onesie! Haha