Kuizine is a quaint little restaurant in capitol at The Boulevard. Don’t underestimate when I say “little” because this restaurant has potential and a palette for quality.

The ambiance of Kuizine feels really corporate but relaxed. They mean business but they don’t, at the same time. It’s probably the place where people who go to offices eat and meet up with friends. It could also be the place to have a casual meeting with co-workers. Either way, just be mindful that there is limited space and other customers might want to you use the tables.
Ofcourse, I ordered their best seller and their specialty. The photo above is the “Creamy Beef Stroganoff.” I’m not so sure if it’s the best seller or the specialty. Haha I’m becoming so forgetful. Anyway, this was really good. I really wanted to taste some lemon in it. Simply because there’s a slice of lemon on top of it. Also, simply because I love lemons! I can’t seem to taste a single trace of lemon, though. However, the beef was tender! That is very difficult to find in Cebu. The sauce/cream was somewhat at the right consistency. The beef already had flavor so the moment you take a bite… there will be a complement of flavor. It reminds me Carbonara  pasta. It’s really good but if you have too much of it, it’s not that good anymore. The good thing is that they know just how much to serve so that you get just enough not to reach that level of “too much.”

This one caught me by surprise! They called this one “Jacob’s Chicken.”At first glance, I thought that it was just like any other fried chicken. I even thought that I just could make this one on my own! Haha This totally proved me wrong! I don’t know how they did it but it was crunchy but not to the point when it hurts your gums. It was tender and juicy on the inside. I have tasted juicy fried chicken but it was way to juicy… it’s gross! This one is just right.
Kuizine has a lot of potential just based on these two dishes that I have tried. I don’t think they need improvement. I think they need to maintain this level of quality. That is one thing a lot of restaurants in Cebu have trouble in. Yes, they go higher and finer but that will compromise quality. Overall, Kuizine is just right… it’s good!