Hawaii Academy

Summer is here! Well, summer has long been here. Haha! Like for two months already. Anyway, I’m not so sure but I think my first take of summer this year was island hopping with friends. We’ve all done island hopping in the area numerous times but this one is different because our friends from Manila came over to visit. So, what better way to entertain our “beach deprived” friends than island hopping!?

These are the shortest shorts I’ve ever worn in my whole existence! They’re swim shorts anyway, so I was kinda’ cool with it. In fact, they’re approriate and very comfortable to wear if your heading to the beach.
It was actually scorching hot when we took this photo. It was so hot that I ended up NOT sweating! haha It felt like my sweat just immediatly evaporate! Haha Good thing we can easily take a dip.



Photos by: Sophia Sanchez
Tank top: 21MEN
Cap: 21men
Watch: Casio
Dry bag: Sea To Summit
Dressing up for summer is fun because you get to play with colors! Sometimes it does get a little tricky when you gain a little color from the sun. In my case, I’m really dark now so I need to choose the colors of what I wear carefully. In these photos, though, I’m still not that dark so I just played with royal blue, white, and yellow. Now, here’s the thing about skin color, you need to contrast what you’re wearing to your skin color. If you have darker skin, it’s adviseable for you to wear light colored outfits. If you have lighter skin then it’s adviseable for you to wear dark colored outfits. It’s all about contrast. Contrasting what your wear to your skin color will make you look… well… clean! Haha It will make your skin pop as well.
In these photos, I just went for the basics. Tank, shorts, cap, sunglasses, and switched the slippers for espadrilles. I kept the look cohesive by coordinating the colors to the smallest detail. Just a little connection can make a look cohesive. =)
Oh! and by the way, we didn’t go to Hawaii. I just took the title from my cap. haha