Golden Hour

There’s something about Gold that fascinates me. The element and it’s color, ofcourse. Like when I see something gold, I always check it out. Unless if it’s jewelry then, duh, ofcourse there is gold. What I mean is when I see gold sun glasses, like the ones I’m wearing in these photos. It could also be gold shoes which my girlfriend now has. Anything that is not “usually” Gold. I think it’s cool. Haha

So, both my sun glasses and my shirt came from 21MEN. You know, that tiny section for men at Forever 21 which rarely, and I mean RARELY, goes on sale! Haha But yeah, I found those sun glasses which was the only one left so I bought it immediately. That was 2 years ago! Haha
So, there you go. The close-up of the print of the shirt. I got it simply because I like the combination of black and gold. The print is interesting as well. It looks like the ones you find on your mum’s expensive silk scarf except it’s on a cotton shirt.

Photos by: Sophia Sanchez
Sun glasses: 21MEN
Shirt: 21MEN
Joggers: Folded and Hung
Shoes: Nike
Watch: Casio
There has been a sudden increase in sportswear since last year. I thought I wouldn’t be interested in it but they are just so comfortable. Even women are gaining track on sportswear with their own versions of joggers and kicks. We are all still inclined with comfort and… why not? Sportswear manufactured today are stylish and affordable. Okay, it may get a bit pricey but you can still get items at a good bargain. It’s all up to you to make it look pricey. Haha
I guess I don’t need to explain this look. I’ll let the photos speak for themselves. Haha Okay, it’s just on the warmer side of the color spectrum with Gold as a focal point.