Cardboard Box

I love weather like this! It’s actually fogging but still it’s not cold enough. At least it’s not the usual hot humid weather we have almost all year round. Haha These photos were taken from our road trip which was also a photo shoot escapade. Haha

Notice the sunglasses? Yes, that’s miss “Head Over Heels” herself. Haha We take turns taking pictures. Most of the time, I’m taking pictures of her which happens to be anywhere! Well, except in the ladies comfort room. 
I seriously don’t know how to pose in front of the camera! I only have a few poses up my sleeves so I just end up doing the side view! Haha No really, when someone takes photos of me. It’s as fast as 1… 2… 3! I feel awkward when it takes longer. It might not show in the photos but yeah. I’m getting used to it. Just need a lot, and I mean a LOT, of practice! Haha

Photos by: Sophia Sanchez
Sunglasses: Aeropostale
Pants: Topman
Wrist Watch: Casio
Shoes: Puma
This look came together all by itself. Haha Okay, maybe not. I added the pants. The story goes like this. Someone anonymous gave me those shoes as a token of appreciation last year. My girlfriend gave me those sunglasses for Christmas. The shirt, I bought the shirt in a local mall simply because it was on sale. Then I set everything aside in a cardboard box. Literally, I have loads of my stuff in a cardboard box! haha Okay, one day I was cleaning up and all three items were inside the cardboard box beside one another! Haha So, I just added the pants and I was set to wear it. This outfit didn’t require effort at all. Haha