Bag of Beans

Last month, my girlfriend and I went to Tagaytay to visit Taal Volcano and, ofcourse, to visit our friends in Manila as well.  We’re very thankful to our hyperactive and spontaneous friend, Arch. Niel Andrew Ang for touring us around Tagaytay and Laguna! We can’t thank you enough!

Moreover, after visiting Taal Volcano crater (which I’ll be blogging about soon) we were so hungry and exhausted so our friend suggested to eat lunch at this place… Bag of Beans. This is just one of their 3 branches, I think. We ended up with this one because all the other branches were filled. They have the same menu anyway. Haha
The ambiance of this place was very warm, cozy, and homey. I like it! It feels comfortable. The staff was friendly and welcoming too. It basically just feels like home.

There are fresh flowers around the restaurant! I literally saw them put those there. Haha 

Now, to the most important part… the food! I ordered bangus (Milk fish) with eggs, rice, and side. It was for 250 pesos only. 250 pesos might sound pricey for half the bangus but the serving was huge! The fish was around 8 inches long and was quite thick. There were 2 pieces of eggs which I asked to be scrambled. I think that’s a very good deal. I thought the taste would be ordinary but it tasted really good. I was somewhat surprised because I expected it to be the usual “soy sauce” taste with a hint of calamansi. I can definitely taste the vinegar there which was unusual but good! It’s like the western version of the dish. It was fried by the way.

This one was what my girlfriend ordered. It’s on the same price and category. The ones with eggs, rice and sides but she had tocino instead of bangus. The eggs were fine, duh. haha The tocino was good too but I’ve tasted better. It was sweet and cooked just right. Then again, it tasted like it was bought from the supermarket, fried, then served. There’s nothing wrong there, though. It’s just that I could have done it myself. Haha
I had blueberry cheesecake for dessert. This was close to divine! It was full and creamy but not too much that it’s like melted ice cream. The texture was almost there. The sweetness isn’t overwhelming that it hurts the throat. It was just right. It was really good! 

This is the view from there balcony. Amazing isn’t it? That’s Taal lake. It was cloudy that day but we were lucky enough because it didn’t rain hard while we were roaming around.
Overall, Bag of Beans is definitely a restaurant one must experience. We have yet to try their specialties. We were just there to fill our stomachs and, indeed, that is what we got! Haha Based on our visit there, it wasn’t jaw dropping nor did my mouth salivate but from the ambiance and staff to the food… Bag of Beans was coherently good! =)
By the way, some of you might be wondering why I’m adding “food” to my blog? That would be, again, because of my girlfriend. She noticed that I’m hardly impressed by food but I eat anyway. haha There are 2 that I’ve tasted that I am still extremely amazed and I’m looking for the 3rd, 4th, so on and so forth! I’m not a chef nor am I a professional taste tester but I’ve got very opinionated taste buds. Haha