It’s obvious why I titled this one 2015. However, it’s not just because today is the last day of the year but because this year had some promising turn of events for me. I did want this year to end just yet. Then again, just like “age is just a number”… 2015 is just a number. Haha

I have to admit, 2015 started off rough. My hopes were killed and my smiles were turned upside down. Luckily, 2013 and 2014 prepared me for that as I’ve already learned how to numb my feelings down and move on! Okay, I was not so certain as of what I was planning to do but I was a million percent sure of what I did not want to do anymore! =)

Fortunately, my decisions turned out good! Went to a New School with a more comprehensive, varied, artistic. and non-robot-like career ahead  of me. Met new friends with the same weird wavelength as I am. This blog just had an unexpected boost! It’s nice to finally end the year where the odds are in my (somewhat) in my favor and I’m as hopeful as I used to be. =)

Photos by: Sophia Sanchez
Pants: Oxygen
Pull Over: Oxygen
Okay, enough of me and more about this look! Haha Got this ensemble from Oxygen. It’s always easy choosing clothes from Oxygen. Their pieces are fresh and edgy at the same time. I did not expect, though, to be able to create this look with the brand. We have this preconception of the brand to be more on darker tones. Turns out they are now slowly venturing into the world of colors!
Oxygen is now open at SM Seaside City Cebu! Visit them to get this look and to get the latest fashion trends from Oxygen! =) Follow them on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!

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