This was shot a long time ago! haha Okay, this was shot last year. Yes! A whole 12 months ago. Anyway, some of you might find this place quite familiar. It’s La Vie Parisienne in Cebu. This was way back when there were no glowing artificial trees yet.

I don’t know about you guys but I really miss the intimacy of this place. Only a few knew about this place back then. Now, it definitely has become a tourist attraction. 
Photos by: Sophia Sanchez
Pants: Oxygen
Shoes: Milanos

Okay, enough about the place and more about the look. I don’t usually go for the leather jacket look simply because I  sweat a lot. This one is an exception because the jacket was from my grandfather when he was about the same age as I am now. I really miss him and so I wear this jacket whenever I feel lonely or I’m just not feeling well. I usually pair it up with anything! haha but in this look I paired it up with super washed out denims. It’s so washed up that it’s already white! haha The shoes, I got them at an extremely low price so I bought two! The other one was brown. I just thought this one was a perfect match to the top.

I guess we all have that “blanket” which we hold on to even when we’re not babies anymore. Mine just happened to be a vintage brown leather jacket! haha Aren’t I lucky? haha