Photo by: Dan Douglas Ong
Model: Angel Wella
Lotus Pleated Jacket by: Axel Que
White Origami Gown by: Shanon Pamaong
Pleated Wooden Sculpture & Shagreen Top End Table from: Allison Tyler
This is a continuation from my previous styling post “Tainted Love“. If you have read that post then you probably know that this one is coming as well as with all the other looks for Zee Lifestyle’s July issue! Haha Yes! Quite a long time ago but these looks are editorials so… time doesn’t really matter.
What makes this photo cohesive are the pleats. No kidding, the pleated sculpture seriously goes well with the Lotus Pleated Jacket. The challenge in this photo shoot was pairing up the given furniture pieces with looks that compliment the pieces. Believe it or not, the furniture pieces were outstanding all by themselves. Although, you can never go “matchy-matchy” with this kind of shoot. So we played with other elements like texture.