Black and Yellow

I just noticed that I only have a few short sleeved shirts. I can seriously just count them of with my ten fingers. So, I decided that I needed to add up the digits since the summer heat is literally taking its toll on me. I don’t want to go in full tank top as well unless I’m on the beach or off to the pool. Let’s start with this shirt from Oxygen. 

This shirt came from their Billboard Collection. What I really like about is how it’s really comfortable and breezy. Just what I needed! I like how it has that old school feel as well.

Photos by: Sophia Sanchez
Shirt: Oxygen
Jeans: Memo
Trainers: Puma
 Tucked in shirt, pebble washed jeans, and socks are back! Yes, believe it or not. When they say that trends repeat around 20 to 30 years, It’s true! This one I particularly like because I grew up on these trends when my mum would style me when I was a kid. Okay, the jeans I am wearing on these photos are not pebble washed but the color is really close to it. I actually got legit pebble washed jeans from Bershka but that’s for another blog post. Haha Back to the outfit! I just simply tucked in my shirt and revolved to the colors blue, white, and red. I made sure to show off my white socks by folding my socks too. It’s fun playing around with proportions, tucking in, folding and colors! It may be a little tricky but you will get the hang of it. Just make sure that you put a modern twist on it to avoid looking costume-ish. =)