Roof Deck

I really like roof decks! Haha I don’t mean the ones where there are fancy restaurants with a stunning view. Those are good too but I really like the ones that are just plain and raw. The utilities and tanks in contrast with the view is something interesting. It totally brings out the side of me who romanticizes about perfect imperfections.
Everytime I go on vacation, I always check if I can access the roof deck of the place where I’m staying. This one was when Sophia and I were staying at our friend’s condominium in Manila. Canie, our friend, was very hospitable that she made us breakfast everyday! I have to blog about that soon. I still can’t get over how good those breakfasts were. Haha
This look was what I wore on our first day in Manila. I wanted to wear something comfortable while traveling from Cebu. I know those shoes don’t look comfortable but, believe it or not, they really are comfortable. I think it’s because of the thick soles. Anyway, I also made sure that I wasn’t wearing any metal so that I won’t “beep” through the metal detector at the airport. I find it really inconvenient to take my belt, shoes, or watch off me. Yes! I wasn’t wearing a belt because of the metal buckle. Haha The pants fit me really well anyway.
Photos by: Sophia Sanchez
Shirt: Uniqlo
Pants: Penshoppe
Sunglasses: Penshoppe
Shoes: 21Men
Fedora: H&M
I’ve always wanted to play with proportions and this one, I guess, is a good start. I saw this shirt in Uniqlo way back in summer but I was still very hesitant in purchasing it. However, I couldn’t get my mind over it so I went back and bought it! Haha I didn’t regret doing that because I’ve worn this shirt multiple times already. The ‘big short’ fit is very comfortable. It’s over sized but the length is just right. I paired the shirt with slim fit pants to emphasize the volume of the shirt. I chose to wear a black fedora and a pair of black leather shoes to lock in the look. They serve as endpoint signals for you eyes to get back to the shirt and pants combo.