One Year

I can say this over and over again… it’s summer! Haha It’s a very fun season because there are loads of activities that you get to do with friends. You can go hang out on the beach, have an adventure, or go on a road trip! There’s still a lot you can do that I have not mentioned. So, yes! I’m jumping because of my overwhelming happiness. Haha

And I’m jumping again! I don’t know why my fellow bloggers know me for doing jump shots? Okay, maybe I know why. Haha But everyone else is doing it too! I don’t know what it is with jumping but it somewhat satisfies my need to express my immense happiness. Even in college, I tend to jump whenever I get too happy like passing a class in which I expected to have failed in. Haha If you see me jumping, then you know I can’t contain myself with so much happiness. 
Photos by: Sophia Sanchez
Shirt: Suplado
Walk Shorts: Regatta
Shoes: Nike
Watch: Fossil
Sunglasses: H&M
Fedora: H&M
I have been meaning to wear this ensemble for less than a year now. I don’t know what happened that it took me this long to actually wear this look. That shirt, in particular, is a year old and I haven’t worn it. Well, I’ve worn it once… when these photos were taken! Haha It still had it’s tag on when I drew it out of my closet. I also have other unworn clothes in that closet in which I have yet to discover! Haha

Moving on! This look has black as its adhesive. Ofcourse, I mean metaphorically. It made the look cohesive. The neon print on the button up is statement enough to make this look stand out. I just chose a pair of shoes with a splash of orange so as to create a flow of colors throughout the look! =)