On The Go

We all have those days when we have loads of things to do and there are also those days when you simply don’t know what to wear. Well, this was a combination of both! Haha

My day started at 6 in the morning because I had to drive my girlfriend to her office. After that, I went to open her mum’s shop then went straight to a launching event. That’s not all! Haha After the event, Kat and I had to prepare for Jean‘s birthday! We then went to fetch Sophia at her office then went straight to Jean’s birthday dinner. But wait! There’s more! Haha After dinner, my girlfriend and I went to the airport to pick up her mum. The flight was delayed so I ended up arriving at home by 12 midnight. Haha It was truly a long crazy day. It was fun, though! =)

Photos by: Jean C. Yu
Pull Over: Dare to Dream
Jeans: Oxygen
Shoes: Nike
Sunglasses: H&M

I did not put too much thought on what to wear that day because I pretty much didn’t have time to do so. I just knew that I wanted to wear this Dare to Dream pullover. I just paired it comfortable dark blue jeans. The sneakers and the cap made the whole ensemble look like I’m on-the-go and/or I’m off to a mission which I actually was. Haha Notice the colors? I stuck the colors of the pull over which is blue and black the I just added the white! You can always pair anything with white. So everything in blue, black, and/or white. Revolving around a palette of colors really help make your look cohesive! =)